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The Tortellino Festival is back for the tenth year: 20 chefs rethink the tradition

D.Following the 2020 suspension due to Covid and the 2021 “gala dinner” version, which saw the De.Co. (municipal name) for the tortellino and for the party, The Tortellino Festival is back for the tenth year in a traditional version open to all. Tuesday, October 4 Tour-tlen Association brings together the best taste professionals at the Palazzo Re Enzo in Bologna to offer the public the tortellino in 20 tasty recipes.

The 2019 edition of the Tortellino Festival in Bologna

Not only the tortellino in a traditional form

From 11:30 a.m. to 9:45 p.m., you can not only taste the tortellino in the traditional form, in chicken broth or in capon, but also proposed in a creative way: with a sea or mountain flavor, autumn flavors with “heretical” cream “.

The good life

A friendly moment, focused on the high quality and excellence of the territory

Tour-tlen wants to come back to offer citizens, tourists and gourmets a friendly moment, betting on the high quality and excellence of the territory. So maximum freedom to the imagination of the chefs, but with a few essential rules: the dough rolled out with a rolling pin, the shape of the classic tortellino and sustainable ingredients provided by selected farmers and breeders.

Original and fun gadgets

This edition of the festival will also be devoted to Giacomo Garavelli, creative master from Bologna who in 2012 launched the idea of ​​organizing a big day dedicated to tortellini. During the event, nice t-shirtsVery high levels and Dimondi‘, many handmade boiled wool tortellini, tortellino-shaped hats, pendants with tortellini and other cute items inspired by tortellino, can be purchased. All proceeds from the sale of the items, as well as a portion of the proceeds from the entire event, will be donated to MT Hospice Foundation. Chiantore Seragnoli.

Coupon or booklet of 10 tastings

The entrance to the room includes the purchase of a 5.00 euro coupon valid for the purchase of a choice of tortellini, mortadella sandwich, dessert or glass of wine and a booklet of 10 tastings for 45.00 euros.

As in all editions of the festival, the best producers of the Colli Bolognesi Wine Consortium, (Consortium which in this X edition has invested fundamental energies for the realization of the event) to accompany the creations of the chefs present with their wines. A sandwich with the Selection Mortadella Felsineo Tour-tlen which has accompanied the chefs of the association for years and a selection of cheeses selected byAngle freshness of Roberto Guermandiawarded as Best cheesemaker in Italy 2022 at Cibus 2022.

To end in style

You can taste the desserts Gabrielle Spinelli Dolce Salato pastry and Leonardo Ragazzi ice cream from Cremeria Funivia. The event is organized with the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Bologna Welcome, CNA Bologna, Confcommercio Ascom Bologna, Confesercenti Bologna and De.Co. We also thank Maresca and Fiorentino, Acqua Panna, Acqua S.Pellegrino and SID Bologna.

The cookers :

  • Cynthia Ravanelli (Darcy)
  • Massimiliano Mascia – (Restaurant San Domenico)
  • Demis Aleotti (Bottega Aleotti)
  • Lucia Antonelli (Hunter’s Tavern)
  • Alberto Guidetti (La Luna Rossa Restaurant)
  • Carlo Alberto Borsarini (La Lumira Restaurant)
  • Francesco Carboni (Acqua Pazza Restaurant)
  • Fabio Berti (Trattoria Bertozzi)
  • Sandro Vilardo (Meatballs and Crescentine)
  • Dario Picchiotti (Former Trattoria of Sacerno)
  • Francesco Tonelli (Casa Merlo)
  • Giacomo Galeazzi (Tramvia Restaurant)
  • Luca Fava (Agriturismo Mastrosasso)
  • Simone Ropa (Atelier de Franco)
  • Vincenzo Vottero (Vivo Taste Lab)
  • Federico Pettazzoni (Head)
  • Pasquale Troiano (Bentivoglio Vineyard)
  • Pietro Montanari (Cesarina’s Restaurant)
  • Stefano Aldreghetti (Salon Aldreghetti – Barkalà)

The guests

  • Alessio Battaglioli (Osteria di Medicina)
  • Roberto Guermandi (Corner of Freshness)
  • Gabriele Spinelli (Salty Sweet)
  • Leonardo Boys (Cremeria Funivia)


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