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the typical Neapolitan recipe without eggs


anchovy fillets in oil

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The omelet scam is a typical dish of bad cooking Neapolitan. Traditionally eaten during Lent, especially on “lean days”, such as Good Friday and Holy Saturday, it is a less rich variant of the classic Neapolitan pasta omelette. It is prepared quickly and easily by boiling the spaghetti al dente, seasoning them with olives, pine nuts, anchovy fillets and chopped parsley, and browning them in a pan with breadcrumbs and a generous drizzle of oil.

The result will be an appetizing dish, with a delicious crispy crust, to bring to the table for any lunch or family meal, or serve sliced ​​at a open upyou between friends. The preparation therefore does not include the use of Egg: the pasta, mixed in a bowl with the sauce, will indeed release all its starch, binding the spaghetti perfectly during cooking.

For a flawless omelette, we suggest cooking it on high for 2 minutes, then lowering the heat and gently browning for 10 minutes, and finally turning it over and repeating on the other as well turning the pan often in order to have some golden edges and fragrant.

If you wish, as some local recipes suggest, you can combine the rest of the ingredients withraisins or you can prepare it in many variations with what you have at home: cubes of provolone or bacon, cooked ham, emmental cheese and aromatic herbs according to your tastes. Instead of spaghetti you can use i vermicellilinguine or other form of long pasta.

The origin of the term scammaro seems to come from the Neapolitan dialect scamWhat does it mean eat lean. The word has its roots in the past when monks, dispensed from Paschal abstinence from meat because they were old or ill, consumed the food in their chambers (camera) so as not to upset the other colleagues. The scammed they therefore became those who, eating outside their cells, observed the fast.

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How to prepare the scammaro omelette

Boil the pasta in a large quantity of lightly salted boiling water. Meanwhile, heat a little oil in a non-stick pan. 1.

Mix the garlic clove 2 and leave to perfume for 1 minute.

Add the capers 3previously desalted.

Follow with pitted olives 4.

Mix the pine nuts 5 and let brown for a few minutes.

At this point remove the garlic 6.

Add the anchovy fillets seven and let them dilute, then remove from heat.

Once cooked, drain the al dente pasta and transfer to a large bowl 8.

Pour the dressing 9.

Parsley flavor tenwashed and chopped.

Sprinkle with ground pepper 11.

And mix well using kitchen tongs 12 to mix the ingredients.

In the starry pan where you prepared the sauce, heat another generous drizzle of oil 13.

Sprinkle with breadcrumbs 14 and grill over high heat for 1 minute.

Pour the pasta 15 and cook for 2 minutes over high heat, then continue cooking for 10 minutes over low heat.

As soon as a golden crust has formed on the surface 16Flip the pasta omelet using a lid or a flat plate, and do the same on the other side as well.

Once ready, place the pasta omelet on a serving platter, cut into slices 17 and serve.


The scammaro omelet is eaten very hot at present. Storage is not recommended.

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