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The winners of the Italian gastronomic and oenological excellences were awarded by the GIST.

The fifth edition of GIST Award (Italian tourist press group) Travel Kitchen Awards reserved for gastronomic and oenological excellence selected in Italy and around the world. The protagonists of this edition are Piedmont, South Tyrol and Sicily for Italy, Croatia, Anguilla and Spain for foreign countries, while the special prize has been awarded to Liguria. The award was presented during the TTG in Rimini by GIST President Sabrina Talarico and TFA Award President Elena Bianco, as well as ENIT Marketing Director Maria Elena Rossi. Fabio Bottonelli, Marco Epifani, Alessandra Gesuelli, Carmen Guerriero, Riccardo Lagorio, Alberto Lupini, Giambattista Marchetto, Ada Mascheroni, Fabrizio Parisotto (Salce) and Marina Tagliaferri are part of the jury.

Destinations, events, marketing campaigns or even wine tourism publications have been evaluated with particular attention this year to the sustainability of competing projects, understood not only as good practices in the agri-food sector, but also as positive effects on the local population and protection of tradition, uniqueness and cultural identity.

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­Best food and wine destination – Italy: The school of Roccaverano. The prize was awarded to the Consortium and Pro Loco which, according to the jury, succeeded in creating a kind of showroom in Roccaverano dedicated to the famous DOP Robiola di Roccaverano cheese. The School is not only an instrument of promotion and communication, but also a meeting place and visit for enthusiasts, a gastronomic and cultural site and a documentation center which attracts tourists and visitors. Since 2019, the School has been organizing farm visits to see how Robiola was born, giving producers the opportunity to tell the story and future of their business and offering pairings with local wines. The school also houses a permanent photographic exhibition that tells, through the shots of photographer Manuel Cazzola, the world of PDO.

Best Food and Wine Event – Italy: “Keschtnriggl” Chestnut Day. The Tourist Association Lana and surroundings, which for 25 years has been offering this meeting in the fall, is rewarded because thanks to it it ensures that the inhabitants mingle with the tourists, harmonizing traditional customs and traditions with modernity and respecting the environment. ‘environment. The chestnut, a precious food since the Middle Ages, is celebrated, while the “Keschtnriggl” is the utensil made of chestnut and willow wood used for centuries to peel roasted chestnuts. During the day, selected restaurants serve traditional and innovative dishes based on chestnuts, and a rich program of appointments and themed excursions completes the offer. The heart of the event is the Feast of Foiana, with traditional music, farmers’ market, specialties made from chestnuts.

Best Food and Wine Tourism Marketing Campaign – Italy: Tradition and Innovation in Aeolian Food and Wine – Chapter One Salina. The prize is awarded because Aeolian excellences (capers, wines, oil, preserves) are not simply offered for tasting, but are also told through art forms. The first island to speak for itself is Salina: in an artistic performance the products, the cuisine and the landscapes will be revealed to the rhythm of the music. A 30-minute documentary, meanwhile, offers a staging of the stories of small producers: the Siccagno tomato, the delights of Malvasia, the recipes for candied, candied capers and granitas take place in the splendid Salina, the greenest of Aeolian Islands.

Best food and wine destination – Abroad: Istria – Best food and wine destination. The prize is won by Istria, which already in the 19th century conquered European nobility and intellectuals thanks to its natural beauty, its Venetian and Austro-Hungarian heritage, its Latin, Slavic and Germanic multiculturalism. At the end of the 1990s, the region’s tourist office undertook impressive tourism development work, the cornerstone of which was the agri-food sector. Wine routes are born, events related to extra virgin olive oil, the tradition of truffle hunting is recovered, the first European certification is obtained thanks to ham. In addition, clever policies put renewable energies, nature reserves and parks, and environmentally friendly urban planning at the center of attention. Finally, many gastronomic events have seasonal the territory of Istria.

Best Food and Wine Event – Abroad: Anguilla Culinary Experience. The prize is awarded to a festival that saw the participation of chefs from the island of Anguilla and around the world last May. Five days that offered Anguilla’s rich gastronomic tradition, based on fresh local produce, with an international twist. The aim was to confirm the status of the island as the culinary capital of the Caribbean thanks to the high level of its restaurants, both gourmet and traditional. The effort to support new generations of local chefs is also commendable. The young people were able to work alongside their more experienced colleagues and, thanks to part of the profits from the event, will be able to access training in both cooking and hospitality.

Best marketing campaign in the field of wine tourism – Abroad: Dia Mundial de la tapa (Spain). It wins not only for the international scope of the project, but also for its ability to describe a way of life and consumption, tapas, in their multiple facets and potentialities. Spanish embassies and Spanish restaurants abroad are involved, with events, cooking shows, audiovisuals and social campaigns. All to convey a gastronomic experience that not only introduces tourists to Spanish flavors, but projects them into the daily life of the locals, through the sharing of a moment of sociability, the aperitif hour with tapas. A type of preparation, a mini-recipe, which allows the territory and its tradition to live and which is accessible for easy consumption and low prices, even by the youngest.

Best Food and Wine Tourism Publication – Special Prize: Tavole DOC Liguria. The prize is won by a guide, both on paper and online, which delves into the recesses of the regional agri-food wealth of Liguria, with a common thread: the emphasis on the indigenous enogastronomic heritage. In these pages you will find restaurants that respect seasonality and territoriality in the choice of menu and that offer the best products of Liguria. Complete the indication for each of a “symbol” recipe, associated with an oil and a wine. The restaurants in the Guide also offer a complete “Tavole Doc” menu at a great price: a good idea to bring young people closer to conscious and sustainable haute cuisine.

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