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The world’s first retailer chooses an all-Italian meal kit: why My Cooking Box is coming to Walmart

For the first time a 100% Italian meal kit, that of the startup My kitchen boxenters the largest organized distribution chain in the world, WallMart.

The Italian company that first launched into the business of meal kits in our country (a box with a recipe book and all the ingredients in the right doses to cook an Italian dish) is entering walmartthe world’s largest organized retail chain.

How My Cooking Box was born and what is it used for?

The startup was born in 2016 from an idea of Chiara Rota, management engineer with a great passion for Italian cuisine. Experiences at Parmalat then in the United States with another Italian multinational: from management control to operations. In the United States, he realizes how much Italy’s food and wine heritage is appreciated, as well as the difficulties in finding original ingredients to cook a true national dish.

Fashion & Luxury: from branding to the store, the digital assets you can’t live without

In 2016 My Cooking Box launched a first fundraiser on Crowdfundme, raising 120 thousand euros. A second collection, supported by MamaCrowd – a crowdfunding platform in Italy – is a great success: in fact, a few hours after its launch, the startup reaches the set objective, closing with an amount raised of 533 thousand euros. Objective: to open several single-brand stores. The first in the heart of Milan. And so it was.

In February 2019, the German company Cameo decided to invest in My Cooking Box with the aim of entering the market for meal kiyou through a new range of products.

Situated at Milano, a production center in Gorle (Bg) and 30 employees, the startup is mainly composed of women and led by the founder Chiara Rota. Within a few years, it attracted the interest of major food companies such as Cameo, Ponti, Eataly, Mutti, Coca-Cola, Unilever. With these, he created specific boxes dedicated to different consumption occasions. There are many partnerships, including with major brands in the banking, telephony and publishing sectors.

My Cooking Box, the recipe startup’s first single-brand store in Milan

Walmart, the world’s leading retailer in organized distribution: all the figures

walmartAmerican retail giant founded in 1945 but particularly attentive to innovation, occupies the first place Top 10 largest retailers in the world.


As of January 31, 2022, Walmart had a total of 3,573 supercenter stores in the United States And 799 local shops.Formerly known as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., it is one of the most famous brands in the world. In 2022, Walmart had a total of 10,957 properties worldwidewhose 10,593 were retail stores. Walmart started in the United States as a discount store. Today, it has discount stores, supercenters and neighborhood stores all over the world.

Walmart handles a wide variety of products, such as groceries, clothing, furniture, appliances, and electronics. The Company operates through three distinct business segments: Walmart US, Walmart International and Sam’s Club. Walmart’s strongest segment, by revenue, is Walmart US, which operates retail stores in the company’s home market in the United States. This segment also includes Walmart’s US e-commerce website, walmart.com. The Company’s Walmart International and Sam’s Club business divisions operate globally, generating revenue through retail, wholesale, membership clubs and online products. In 2022, approximately 69% of Walmart’s net sales came from the company’s Walmart USA division.

Below, the total of Walmart stores (source Statista)

Why My Cooking Box was welcomed by Walmart

For the large organized distributionMy Cooking Box has studied and created a line of specific products based on the quality of 100% Italian ingredients and which differs from the more classic Box line already present in the catalog, to faster, smarter recipes and prep times under 15 minutes.

Chiara Rota, CEO and Founder of My Cooking Box, said: “From the start of the project the goal was to go to America and associating it with the largest American chain is a source of pride for me. We are strategically oriented to continue with an omnichannel business approach, always combining offline sales with an online presence.”

Ivo Petrof, Senior Category Manager at Walmart Canada, adds: “With My Cooking Box, Walmart will offer our customers an exciting and innovative way to cook, thanks to the perfect match between Italian gastronomic excellence, an adequate quality-price ratio and a young and contemporary approach. to prepare and consume recipes. We are proud to have this rolling out coast to coast directly to our stores starting in September.”

The meal kit market: a growing sector of interest to the USA and Germany

The success and strong demand for My Cooking Box, even outside national borders, is certainly a reflection of the evolution of the meal kit market. Worldwide, the value of the sector is around 15 billion dollars, while in 2030 the growth forecast will reach 64.46 billion. To date, the largest market share is made up of 45% by the United States and Germany: it is in fact the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom that drive the world market, while n Europe it is certainly the Dach area that dominates. America and Germany are indeed the most interesting markets for My Cooking Box that after its recent and positive market entry, Dach today officially enters the largest retail business in the world.

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