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‘Tomato books’ the Artesì project returns to Naples with the music of the young people of Scampia of the Hurtado Center

Art, culture, literature, music and gastronomic and oenological excellences. All the ingredients of the project are there Arts Yes in his new Neapolitan scene, “tomato books”, which will take place on Saturday, September 17 at 11 a.m. in the outdoor area of ​​​​the IoCiSto Library at Piazzetta Aldo Masullo in Naples.

The protagonists of the meeting will be four important Neapolitan writers authors of four books devoted to the world of food with a specific implication of the tomato. They are the historian Angelo Forgione (Il Re di Napoli, Magenes edizioni), the journalist Rai Maurizio Landi (Recipes for men only, Inknot editions), the psychotherapist Oscar Nicolaus (At the table with Maradona, Le lion vert editions) and the actor Patrizio Rispo, (A Meal in the Sun, Editor’s Guide). During the meeting, promoted by the organic company NaturaSì together with the cultural association IoCiSto and the many partners of the ArteSì project, the writers will confront the public in a debate stimulated and coordinated by the researcher Patrizia Spigno, agronomist of the Arcabio cooperative in Acerra specializes in heirloom horticultural seeds and biodiversity, particularly in the field of San Marzano tomatoes. The writers will present their books through readings, stories and anecdotes about the tomato.

“The Piedmontese army invaded Naples with arms. The Neapolitan identity invaded Italy with tomatoes”. One of the most famous aphorisms of “Il Re di Napoli” by Angelo Forgione highlights the strongly identifying value of the tomato in Neapolitan culture. A theme from which the discussion will begin, which will also be facilitated by children’s musical contribution of “Free Music for All. Daily practices to grow with Scampia to the sound of music”, the musical pedagogy project born within the Hurtado Center, reference point for educational, cultural and training activities in Scampia. And on Saturday morning, the Hurtado Center will also organize a paper products market in the halls of the IoCiSto bookstore. “Diego knew pasta with tomato sauce, Italian pasta, as he called it. He would have eaten a lot during the World Cup in Mexico in 1986. Salvatore Carmando, the masseur who brought him from Naples with coach Fernando Signorini, prepared it for him. He served it to her for breakfast. Yes, because if you play at a certain time, breakfast becomes lunch and pasta replaces the croissant”. The “Maradona” anecdote told by Oscar Nicolaus in his book “At the table with Maradona” also highlights the very important nutritional properties of the tomato. The culture of food and making the culture of food speak.

Precisely one of the distinctive features of the innovative ArteSì project, born within NaturaSì with the collaboration of art therapist Manuela Micheletti. The objective is to enhance the cultural and philosophical aspects at the base of organic and biodynamic agricultural production. “Culture must fertilize the economy. This is done thanks to the man who, living from culture, brings the necessary strength to economic life”. Like that Fabio Brescacinpresident of Natural Yes, sums up the value of the ArteSì project which, through photographic exhibitions, comics, art and archeology, tastings, markets of local artisan products and organic food, art classes for children and reading fairy tales, scientific insights, moments of music, readings and recitations, stories and stories of life, care and social regeneration, chose Naples and the Campania region Felix for his first experiences of diffusion. A project that, with the patronage of the Municipality of Naples and Municipalities I and VIII, has already created a dense network of companies, associations and local communities to which they belong: Centro Hurtado, Cooperativa Lazzarelle, independent popular bookstore ” IoCiSto”, “Italian School of Comix”, Association Aquas (Animation of the District of Scampia), Ipam (Institute of Arts and Crafts of Pontano), Consortium Nco (New Organized Cooperation), Inner Wheel International-Club of Naples Luisa Bruni, Cooperatives AldilàdeiSogni, Fuori di Zucca, Arca 2010, La Roccia – Giovani di Scampia Onlus, OSO, Fatto @ Scampia, Seminare Il Futuro and Terre di Ecor Foundation.

“IoCiSto joined this project with enthusiasm – says the president Claudia Migliore – because we believe that everything we are and that we feed on comes from storytelling, writing and reading. Writing intersects with taste not only in a traditional way, that is through recipes, but also by telling stories, memories, experiences”. NaturaSì It is the leading company in the organic sector in Italy, committed for more than 30 years to the issues of healthy agriculture and 360 ° sustainability. The company has more than 300 points of sale throughout Italy and 300 connected organic and biodynamic farms. NaturaSì was recently created as a profit-making company, whose profit is also used as an instrument of common interest, generating positive effects on the environment, society and the economy.


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