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Tomato juice to drink: the benefits and 2 recipes

Tomato juice to drink: the benefits and 2 recipes

Just hear about tomato juice, someone will raise their nose, while someone else’s mouth will already be watering. Not very widespread in our country, tomato juice is in fact a drink that deserves a pinch of attention. This particular product is born from the pressing of fresh tomatoes and in many parts of the world it is a popular drink and an excellent ally to improve one’s health.

All this thanks to vitaminsmineral salts and trace elements contained in a good glass of tomato juice.

So why not try this drink?

Soon you will find out what tomato juice is used for, what are the nutritional properties of this particular drink and, of course, we will see how to make the famous “tomato juice“At home, a truly authentic and healthy drink.

Nutritional values

First, let’s answer a question that will most likely be in your head, namely: how many calories does tomato juice contain seasoned? If prepared in a simple way, without adding high-calorie ingredients, tomato juice can be considered for all practical purposes a diet drink.

Indeed, a glass of 100 ml provides about 19 calories. They are very few, right?

In addition, tomato juice is also a source of protein, fibers And vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and those of group B. There are also valuable minerals and trace elements, especially:

The tomato, as well as products derived from this fruit, also contains alpha and beta carotenoidstwo substances that act as powerful antioxidants, which help protect us from the damage caused by free radicals. These are linked to conditions such as heart disease, chronic disease and premature aging.

Tomato juice is also rich in lycopenea particular antioxidant, a carotenoid plant pigment that can reduce levels of inflammation in the body and protect heart health.

The amount of lycopene contained in a 250 ml cup of tomato juice exceeds the recommended daily requirement of this important substance.

Tomato juice: benefits

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What is tomato juice used for? THE advantages of this particular beverage are numerous. The juice is indeed able to protect against heart disease and chronic diseases, but also has a protective function against cancer risk. Let’s see what are the most important benefits of this drink.

An ally for your heart

follow one diet rich in tomatoes or tomato-based products is an excellent strategy to protect heart health. In particular, this fruit, if consumed regularly, can reduce the risk of hypertensionhigh cholesterol and atherosclerosis.

Studies and research have also highlighted the ability of tomato juice to protect against the risk of chronic non-communicable diseasessuch as obesity, diabetes and hypertension.

A weapon against cancer

The tomato, as well as the drink that is extracted from it, are recognized anticancer effects. The juice is indeed associated with a reduced risk of prostate cancer.

Studies have also shown that tomato juice can promoteapoptosis, the death of cancer cells. Tomato juice could also protect the skin, reducing the risk of cancer, thanks to the presence of lycopene.

Strengthens the immune system

Thanks to the large amount of vitamin C in each glass, tomato juice can also strengthen the immune defenses. Vitamin C is also useful for promoting iron absorption.

It’s good for your stomach too

Eating tomatoes is good for your health, even for your stomach. In addition, tomato juice can strengthen and support the intestinal bacterial flora, thus improving the digestion and, more generally, gut health.

Does it make you lose weight?

It depends. A homemade tomato juice, without added sugars, it can represent a valid ally for food, a light and nutritious snack. On the other hand, keep in mind that tomatoes are also an excellent source of fiber, so they help us stay full longer and make fewer dietary mistakes.

Which tomato juice to choose?

In the supermarket, you can find several brands of tomato juice to drink. Which one to choose? As always, the list of ingredients on the label comes to our aid when buying.

On the supermarket shelf, you might find vegetable tomato juicesuch as celery, beets or fruits, such as carrots and oranges, which can increase calories, but also the nutritional profile.

We advise you to choose a tomato or a vegetable and a vegetable juice without added salt or sugar. A excessive salt intakein fact, it can cause fluid retention and increase the risk of high blood pressure.

Tomato juice to drink: recipe

Instead of looking for the best tomato juice on the market, would you like to make this nutritious drink at home? The procedure is very simple, reading is believing.


  • Tomatoes: 250 grams
  • The juice of half a lemon
  • Sugar (to taste).


For the preparation, it is enough to mix or to centrifuge the tomatoes until obtaining a rather liquid and homogeneous consistency. If desired, strain the juice to remove any residue.

Then add a few drops of lemon juice, an ice cube and a stalk of celery to decorate. You can also add it to the blender for a lighter consistency.

And your homemade tomato juice is ready.

The recipe for cooked tomato juice

An alternative is also to cook the tomatoes, perhaps those grown in your own garden, and then extract the juice. Also in this case, the preparation is very simple.


  • Ripe tomatoes cut into small pieces: about half a kilo
  • Chopped celery with leaves: half a cup
  • Sugar, one tablespoon
  • Salt, a pinch.


In a saucepan, cook the ingredients for about 20/25 minutes while bringing to a boil. Then turn off the heat and let cool. Pass the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve, let the drink cool completely and enjoy.

How to store tomato juice?

After preparation, let the juice come to room temperature. Then pour it into a container with hermetic closure. You can keep it fresh for up to 5-7 days.

Uncooked juice, on the other hand, must be consumed on the spot.

When should you drink tomato juice?

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You can sip this drink whenever you want, but still without overdoing it. Excessive consumption of tomato juice could indeed have laxative effects. Also, as we will see, this particular juice should be avoided by those who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders.

The best solution is to choose to drink tomato juice twice a week, for example after a practice or a turn, then restore electrolytes and promote muscle recovery after training.

Tomato juice: contraindications

It is best to avoid drinking this drink if you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux you hate irritable bowel syndrome. Given its acidity, tomatoes, especially if eaten on an empty stomach, could indeed aggravate the symptoms of these conditions.


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