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Top 10 dog breeds

Top 10 dog breeds


Do you want to take a dog into the house ? Not sure which breed to choose? Each breed has its own biological and behavioral characteristics that distinguish it. You have children? Do you live in a big house or a small apartment? Depending on lifestyle, schedules and preferences, some types of dogs adapt more easily to you and your family. So here is a list of the 10 best dog breeds for families ready to love a 4-legged being!


Bulldogs have an innate predisposition for a house full of playful little buggers. They require little care other than exercise. This dog is a bit lazy and can either live in a small apartment or in a large house. If you live in a hot climate, however, you must pay attention to the dog’s exposure to the sun and heat strokes (especially in summer).

9-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs, from the spaniel family, are extremely loyal, loving and ready to please. Therefore, they are easy to train and their mild dispositions make them a perfect dog for first-time dog owners. Keep in mind that this breed loves attention and company and has lots of energy. So, if you plan to leave your dog home alone for long periods of time he might not be the best choice of breed.

8-Collie (Scottish Shepherd)

He is an affectionate and tender dog, faithful to his family. He loves to play even when he’s old. In the family he develops a protective instinct, especially with children, which he adores. He doesn’t trust strangers and examines them carefully before deciding whether they are trusted or not. He usually has no problems with other dogs and will always try to avoid fights. His beautiful long coat needs to be brushed every day. He therefore needs a lot of attention and good coat care. They are very agile but because of this innate energy, they do best in a house with a yard.


The Newfoundland, originally bred as a fishing and rescue dog, is well known as the best breed for children – they are natural guardians and good nurses. She has an affectionate personality that is as big as her body! Be prepared for a strong spread of spit and dander. Due to their large size, an apartment may not be the best setting for a Newfoundland.

6-The Pug

Pugs are not characterized by ingenuity but these dogs give the maximum of devotion and sweetness. Their size and energy levels are minimal, making them ideal for apartment living. Like bulldogs, their respiratory system struggles so it will be good to get moderate amounts of exercise and cool temperatures. They are most happy when they are relaxing on the sofa with their owners.

5-Irish setter


The Irish Setter has a gorgeous deep red coat that requires a fair amount of attention. He is also a high energy dog ​​that will need plenty of daily exercise. These dogs are perfect for children.


Poodles are dubbed as the smartest dogs in the world. This makes them ideal for anyone who loves dogs that are ingenious, obedient and easy to train and educate. There are two general types of Poodles: Standard and Miniature. While the Standard Poodle makes a good family dog, Miniature Poodles sometimes suffer from “small dog syndrome” if not properly trained and socialized. Both types are loving and gentle and shed little hair. If you love dogs but want to keep a meticulously clean home this is your breed!

3-Shih Tzu

This stunning breed, with history in the imperial courts of China, is small in size and very friendly. Perfect in an apartment, a Shih-Tzu is a lap dog who wants to be with their owners as much as possible. With low to moderate energy levels, they need a few walks a day to stay healthy and fit. Their gorgeous coat deserves weekly grooming and, like many small dogs, they need some basic socialization and training in order to avoid “small dog syndrome.”

2-Labrador Retriever

There’s a reason this breed is the most popular in the world. They make great family pets, therapy dogs, police dogs, and dogs for the blind. They are energetic, loving, and given to please their owners; They love to be trained! A Labrador Retriever is the ideal dog for a first-time owner. When they are young they have a tendency to mouth anything in sight, so keep an eye out for them!

1-Golden Retriever

This is the classic family dog. A close relative of the Labrador, he is equally loving, loyal and eager to learn. Great with children, they are often used as therapy and service dogs, helping the disabled and blind all over the world. They require normal care. It must be said that this breed tends to smell more than others.

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