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Triumph of the Brothers of Italy and the center-right, the word to the entrepreneurs of Jesi

JESI – Giorgia Meloni is the undisputed winner of the September 25 elections. Fratelli d’Italia is the first party and the centre-right obtains a large majority in Parliament. The 5 Star Movement is also doing well, unlike the Democratic Party which, apart from Jesi and a few other municipalities in Italy, is falling below 20%.

Pierluigi Bocchini (photo from his personal and official Facebook profile)

“It seems clear to me how we are finally coming out of the polls with a winner, which has been far from obvious over the past 15 years – the words of the entrepreneur Pierluigi Bocchini (Clabo) -. The result is clear and guarantees rights and responsibilities to a political party. We, like Marche, have a historic opportunity. I cannot forget that Giorgia Meloni’s electoral campaign began in Ancona and I hope that our territory will also remain a priority in his government action. We urgently need Infrastructure become attractive again and not risk industrial isolation and desertification. Only one regret: out of 15 elected parliamentarians, we only have one expression of the province of Ancona by origin and residence. The capital remains once again largely under-represented. I hope that this distortion can be corrected now that it will necessarily be necessary to rectify the composition of the regional council and the role of the sub-government in Rome”.

Baldi Carni CEO Emiliano Baldi

Emiliano Baldi (Baldi) confides his thoughts to social networks. “Congratulations to Giorgia Meloni and FdI – writes the entrepreneur from Jesi -. An objectively intelligent electoral campaign. The post-vote speech, more than appreciable, is from the Prime Minister in pectore, like the position expressed in recent months. Some accuse him of being a mask; I sincerely hope not because otherwise the moderates she convinced will make her the same meteor as Salvini and Di Maio. In addition to doing so much harm to the country. Little to say about the rest: Conte capitalizes on the biggest trade vote of all time, avoiding extinction. The proposed recipes are the opposite of what the country needs. They always have been, but too bad. Letta pays the choice to abandon the center in favor of the worst possible post-communist recipes. Third pole real novelty. Flattering record for a Highlander like Renzi, despite the biggest defamation campaign suffered, perhaps greater than that reserved for Berlusconi, and a political but not technical “newbie”, like Calenda, who pays for the naivety of the alliance attempt with the Democratic Party “to beat the right” which at least, in my opinion, eliminated some points of disappointment on the part of FI and Lega who turned to FdI. Perhaps a seed from which to grow the pragmatic alternative that the country has been missing for decades with proposals for young people that have always been lacking. Berlusconi to enjoy for the incredible resilience shown by TikTok. But now the shining example of how generational change is a missed opportunity. After him, what will become of Forza Italia? Paragone, Rizzo, Adinolfi, De Magistris remain outside the institutions. The constituency they turn to is notoriously vulgar, resentful and selfish, people who don’t build anything and lack the ability to be a community even in the bizarre, medieval ideas that should unite them. Last consideration: Draghi was not the government of the best. It was simply the government of the best. He kept people like Di Maio, Speranza and Orlando together and made them work like no one before him ever managed to achieve the goals set. Of course, the example with the predecessor makes it difficult to objectively assess – due to the difference in caliber, history, reputation and achieved results – but that certainly does not weaken it. Those who dropped it have halved the consensus since 2018 and it is true that they are the creators of the truly dramatic figure: almost 10% less participation”.

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