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Tropical pleasure – Italy at the table

youn summer dessert, in which the bitter taste of dark chocolate is balanced by the acidity and pleasant freshness of mango, passion fruit and berries. Tropical Fun is one of four desserts on the menu Azotea, restaurant-cocktail bar located in via Maria Vittoria in Turin, near Piazza Vittorio and the Gran Madre. “For Tropical Fun – says the brand’s co-owner and pastry chef Noemi Dell’Agnello – I was inspired by distant and warm climates, where the exotic fruits that I have chosen to include in this dessert grow: mango and passion fruit”. With these two varieties of vegetables, one of the classic combinations with chocolate, which is the protagonist of the dessert, cannot be missing: berries. “Here, I use them for an extract which, combined with that of mango and passion fruit, allows me to create a camouflage effect at the end of the dish”. Rounding out the brightly colored dessert is the aforementioned chocolate – dark in the roots and white in the mango and passion fruit namelaka – raspberry sorbet and vanilla flavored cream.

tropical fun

Ingredients for 4 persons
• 250g mango
• 250 g of passion fruit
• 250 g of berries
• 18 g of ascorbic acid

Blend the mango and the passion fruit in a food processor with 12 g of ascorbic acid. Filter twice through Chinese. Repeat the same procedure with the berries and the remaining ascorbic acid

• 250 g of white chocolate in tablets / chopped
• 250 g whole milk
• 10g glucose
• 5 g glass fish
• 400 g fresh cream

Heat the milk with the glucose. At 60°C, add the gelatin previously soaked in cold water. Filtered. Gradually add the white chocolate. Emulsify with a mixer. Gradually add the cream and 100 g of the mango and passion fruit purée previously obtained. Refrigerate for 12 hours. Assemble the namelaka. Put it in a ring mold. Pass through the blast chiller for half an hour.

• 100 g of 70% Madagascar chocolate

Melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler. Put it in a piping bag with a small nozzle. Prepare two balls, one with water and ice and the other with ice only, and place the first inside the second. Drop the dark chocolate into the bowl with water and ice, forming roots. When they are thickened, dry them and preserve them in negative.

• 250 g of raspberries
• 150g of water
• 110 g of sugar

Mix all ingredients. Stir them for 40 minutes. Put the sorbet in the freezer for at least 3 hours.

• 100 g of cream
• 1 vanilla pod
• 20 g of sugar
• ½ sheet of fish (2 g)

Soak the fish glue in cold water. Bring the cream to 60°C with the infused vanilla pod. Add fish glue and sugar. Filtered. Allow to thicken in the refrigerator.

The good life

• 100g mango
• 20 blueberries
• Watercress to taste

Place the slice of mango and passion fruit namelaka in the center of the plate. Use both passion fruit and mango and berry extractions to create a camouflage effect, as well as the vanilla flavored cream. On one side of the cake, place the diced mango and the fresh blueberries. Form a quenelle of sorbet. Arrange over fresh fruit. Decorate with dark chocolate roots and watercress.

With a few simple precautions, the dessert also lends itself to being served in the lactose-free variant. In this case, the namelaka is replaced by a cream made by mixing a very ripe avocado, a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa and 200 g of 50/50 syrup of muscovado sugar and water. The cream is then refrigerated for at least half an hour and brought to room temperature 5 minutes before being served. For the dessert to be completely lactose-free, the vanilla cream must be made with lactose-free cream.


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