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trust and Lukaku, Inzaghi’s recovery recipe

MILAN -Lukaku yes, Brozovic no and Calhanoglu maybe. It will be another Inter who will return to the field after the break. Inzaghi will reunite with Big Rom, will not have the Croatian because he is disqualified and hopes to recover the Turk. Even more, however, could happen, depending on the return of the different national teams, but also on what the Nerazzurri coach has seen and ‘collected’ in these first matches of the season. It goes without saying that the game against Roma is very delicate. And not only because there will be on the other side Mourinho. Inter needs to revive: a victory, therefore, would return a good dose of tranquility. On the other hand, a negative result would only increase the (already high) level of tension, further depress the environment and, inevitably, make Inzaghi’s position less solid. The idea of ​​exemption is not taken into consideration by either the owners or the management, but another defeat, especially if it is accompanied by another negative performance, would involve new thoughts.

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Inter restart in reduced ranks and with Marotta on the sidelines

The management-manager confrontation

Marotta and Ausilio, however, they don’t want to miss out on their support for Inzaghi. And, in fact, they will be in Pinetina today to face the situation together, after the telephone contacts of these days. We will obviously talk about the problems that have arisen in recent weeks and how to get out of them. The management had already tried to intervene after the defeat against Bayern, calling on the players, in addition to the coach and his staff. It was a way of empowering them, asking them to highlight critical issues and difficulties. The effect was the victories with Torino and Viktoria Plzen, but then came the defeat with Udinese … Now also due to the absence of the national team – only 8, including 2 goalkeepers, first-team players at work at Pinetina – the comparison will be limited. Inzaghi will be reminded that Conte’s start, in the year of the championship, was very similar and therefore there are all the margins and possibilities to recover. However, definite plans are needed to get back on track: for example, how to shield the defense and how to improve the athletic condition (it’s not about the amount of running but about the brilliance) . And it is to be believed that the coach will also be invited, for the good of the team, to make strong decisions, if he deems it necessary.

Inzaghi’s choices

The good news for Inzaghi is that, barring any surprises, Lukaku will be back. Yesterday the Belgian totem continued his personalized program on the pitch, but next week he should return to the group: at that time the work will be aimed at returning to the pitch, possibly from the beginning. He may not be at his best, but even with his mere presence he can make a difference. And Inzaghi hopes he can also rekindle the spark of Lautaro, extinguished since August 30. On the other hand, Brozovic will be absent, stopped by the Sporting Judge. Therefore, Asllani’s time seems to have come. If he didn’t find space even this time, it’s clear that new doubts would arise, especially since the recovery of Çalhanoglu is far from certain. Then watch out for the defense, with the probable third consecutive exclusion of De Vrij, to the advantage of Acerbi. Finally, there is the hope that Mancini and the national team will help Barella and Bastoni find harmony and cohesion. These are fundamental elements, but among the causes of this slow start there is also their below average performance.

Inter, Zhang returns to Italy

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Inter, Zhang returns to Italy

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