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typical dishes and products of Andria and Murge

His effigy is represented on the 1 euro coins. With her octagonal shape is one of the most characteristic historic buildings in Italy, one of the Southern symbols and in particular the Puglia. In our tour that connects Italian gastronomy and UNESCO World Heritage sites, we find ourselves in Castel Del Montein the province of Andria, to discover the specialties of this part of the region.

Castel del Monte: Unesco heritage since 1996

White marble for this 13th century building, built in 1240 by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia and today one of the most fascinating examples of medieval military architecture. Recognized Unesco World Heritage in the 1996is located on a hill of more than 500 meters from where it is reflected on the plateau of murge. It is characterized by an octagonal plan in which 8-sided turrets are inserted at each corner.


Inside, on the first and second floors, there are eight trapezoidal rooms, which in turn form an octagon. The recurrence of this number is subject to various theories: one of them would consider an intermediate figure between the squaresymbol of Earthand the circlewhich represents the infinity of sky. It would therefore be an ideal transition from the terrestrial sphere to the celestial sphere.

What to eat near Castel Del Monte

That said, now is the time to sit down. what are we eating In this area? What are the most distinctive dishes and products of one of the best known or at least characteristic parts ofApulian hinterland? Among the wild herbs and the (many) meat dishes, mainly lamb and goat, let’s discover kitchen of the territory.

1. Turnip greens (and orecchiette)


Impossible not to talk about the cuisine of Puglia without mentioning the turnip greens. One of the symbols of the gastronomic culture of the heel of the boot, to be boiled and eaten on its own or as a condiment for pasta, in particular orecchiette, embellished with anchovies and chilli.

2. Burrata


We are practically in the cradle of burrata. It was in fact that Lorenzo Bianchino, native of Andria, creator in the 20s (but there are those who say the 50s) of one of the most famous products of Puglia gastronomy. A thin shell of stretched curd and cow’s milk, the inside of cow’s milk and cream, all wrapped in green asphodel leaves, a typical plant of Murgia, both for preservation and for give a more decisive taste to the cheese.

3. Wild herbs


From the lands of Murgia grows a great variety of wild herbs. We have the chicory, whose leaves can be boiled and seasoned with oil and lemon, combined with cherry tomatoes or mashed beans. The rocket, the fennel (also used for taralli) and senapelli are other varieties of which these regions are particularly rich.

4. Cutturidd and lamb


Among the typical recipes of Murgian cuisine we find the structure (or cutturidde), i.e. lamb or sheep cooked. A typical specialty of upper Murgia, it takes its name from terracotta piñata in which the dish is traditionally prepared. Roast lamb (or kid) and lamb rolls are other typical Murge recipes.

5. Cicerchia


A legume all but disappeared until a few years ago, falling into disuse, but has come back into vogue more recently thanks to an ever-increasing number of chefs using it in their kitchens. With a flavor halfway between broad bean and chickpea, the cicerchie has become a typical Murge product again, more alive than ever.

6. Sighs


Then we come to dessert. The sigh it is typical of the regions of Bisceglie but, given the short distance from Andria, it has managed to conquer many palaces in the province. Sponge cake filled with cream and glazed for a candy, according to legend, born in the early 1500s on the occasion of the marriage between Alphonse of Aragon and Lucrezia Borgia.

7. Oils and wines from Puglia


Must mention for the wide variety of oils And wines produced in these regions. The oil produced here, Terra di Bari-Bitonto, has obtained Dop recognition, while among the wines we must mention Doc Gravina, Gioia del Colle and, precisely, Castel Del Monte.

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