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Varèse, sovereign and popular Italy: “The country’s recipe in the Constitution”

From left to right: Lea Barbarotta, Daniela Mosca, Nicola Vedovino, Rossano Ferrazzano and Giampiero Marano

VARESE – “In the Constitution there is the recipe for the health of the country, but it was defused. The problem lies precisely in his inability to implement it: we must make a counter-revolution, which will be extremely harsh”. These were the words of Rossano Ferrazzanocandidate for the uninominal college of Busto Arsizio, during the presentation yesterday, Wednesday September 7, in Varese, of the list of Sovereign and popular Italy. With him they will run for the Chamber and the Senate in the provinces Daniela Mosca, Giampiero Marano, Lea Barbarotta and Nicola Vedovino that in Montanari Room they illustrate the electoral program for the end-of-month elections.

Upset political balances

“The objective – explained Ferrazzano – is to go back to when to “progress”which is today that of the elite and oligarchic classes, we heard People’s Social Democrat through the Constitution: the political balance created was broken with the signing of the European treaties”. The distinction between right and left anchored in the collective imagination he blocks all dialogue: “They are not respectively the defense of the rich and the poor. We can distinguish progressives, those who fight for the advancement of individual civil rights, and conservatives, those who push for social policies linked to tradition. But still nothing is said on the merits of the interests: for me the distinction is between those who live from work, the vast majority, and those who live from capital. And Liberal policies have been implemented for thirty years only in favor of those who live on income, with government bonds. Or to those who can export, thus having an interest in minimizing the cost of labor without bringing anything back to Italy. So it comes destroys our economic fabric, made up of small and medium-sized enterprises and state aid”.

Against the cancellation of social rights

The liberal social sector drives out, forgets the middle class and those who are even lower, who no longer have a voice in the matter. “We must bring the working classes back into the institutions – Like that Daniela Mosca, responsible for the Chambre de Varèse – we are not bound by name or photograph. It is the list itself that represents itself: the men and women who have had it for ten years lived and built from below. Bringing together henceforth in a new symbol the pretensions of forces of different extraction on some fundamental points”. There are in particular those who are against EU policies which, along with a series of prohibitions, made it impossible for the state to defend popular interestswith a progressive and inexorable suppression of social rights. Nicholas Vedovinocandidate of the multi-homonym of Varese, declares himself “anti-European and anti-globalist: after twenty years of “cage” of the euro, the per capita income of a German citizen is 73,000 euros, against 23 thousand ‘an Italian”.

“Not knowledge, but skills”

Giampiero Maranoliterature teacher at the Cairoli high school, opposes dad to the pedagogy of Pastures, who translated Greek and Latin placing himself at the center of the class. “We are moving towards the American model: the private school intended for the elite and the public school increasingly disqualified, thus canceling the function of social ladder he had had since the war. The various reforms that followed implemented what had been decided by the Round table of European industrialists: the economy of the EU was to become the most competitive in the world, with the consequent birth of a system which no longer requires knowledge as in the past, but skills or “soft skills”. The commitment for Sovereign and Popular Italy, in favor of vaccine freedom, Lea Barbarottacandidate for the Senate on the multi-member council of Varese, was born of the violations she witnessed as a lawyer for a multinational: “During the pandemic, trampled several rights with the state of emergencywhich could not be declared for health reasons. It is part of the series of emergencies dictated by the Davos World Economic Forum“.

Guarantees already present in the Constitution

“They continue to make Italians believe things that are not absolutely true: for example we call ourselves pacifists, but then we continue to send weapons to Ukraine“. To questions from the public, in particular on the position of sovereign and popular Italy – which is asking to leave NATO – in the face of the war, Ferrazzano replied that “with all the limits that Putin may have, we cannot can ignore that this crisis comes from the previous eight years, with 15,000 deaths in the Donbass. The path of mediation, which we had to choose, was abandoned too soon. But our institutions receive orders from above, from transnational powers”. In terms of energy, it is necessary to reduce dependence on the outside and push for renewable sources, thus recovering resources in Italian territory. And, as for the compensatory policies for families, “These are liberal measures: there is no need for specific guarantees because they are already incorporated in other rights. It is a structural discourse, not a sectoral one: in the articles of the Constitution there is already a social project. You have to get back to reading it, fundamental rights must return without resorting to compensation“.

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