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What are the most ordered foods with room service in the hotel?

There seems to be no doubt, the club sandwich is the food most ordered by customers through the room service: a simple dish to enjoy in the privacy of your room. Confirmation comes from Mattia Cicognanithe born in Romagna in 1990 who is the director of the historian room Palace Hotel by Milano Marittima And Quality Manager for the Batani Select Hotels Groupwho said “There are no certain origins on the king of snacks in bars and hotels around the world but the recipe is certain. The most popular theory is that the Club Sandwich originated in the late 19th century in a men’s club, the Saratoga Clubhouse in Saratoga Springs, New York, and from there it spread to the rest of the United States. from America. It is only used in men’s clubs to quickly satisfy the appetite, without being distracted from the gaming table. The definitive recipe, as still consumed today, dates back to the early 20th century and includes slices of toasted white bread, layers of sliced ​​cold chicken or turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise”. And it’s just at club sandwich that the cover of the new issue of Gastronomy & Wine Italy. “I ordered and devoured Club Sandwiches everywhere, every time I had the chance and in all the versions: classic or heretical, cheap or author, lean or hypertrophic, with chicken, salmon or even lobster, with or without egg, in triangles or in quarters. And I understood one thing: that beyond the pleasure of taste, the Club Sandwich has the precise alchemy of accompanying certain episodes of life, like an ideal supporting role, and of fixing them in time and place. space, like a personal Polaroid” the manager said Federico De Cesare Alto then continue”Ultimate comfort food, Linus blanket, guilty pleasure, cathartic moment, litmus test of a hotel kitchen, anachronistic but irresistible dish, classic to reinvent: these are some of the responses I have received from many friends and colleagues , all strictly in love with the material. , in the new issue of the magazine to take a fun and unique trip around the world together, from Rome to New York and from Milan to Singapore, to discover the best versions of Club Sandwich and the best combinations. Besides, for me the best pairing is with a Gin Tonic with lemon zest”.

Another dish particularly appreciated by used to hotels is the Cesar saladwhich, as he explains Mattia CicognaniProbably born in 1924 from an idea of Cesare Cardini, an Italian-born chef who ran a restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico. To impress American customers, he took leftovers from the kitchen, romaine lettuce, raw eggs, croutons, Worchestershire sauce, parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil and tossed them. shuffled in front of the guests. The dish was an immediate success and became a signature of the restaurant, to the point that in 1948 the vinaigrette recipe was patented, bottled and sold”. Regarding this topic, aWe contacted me food and beverage manager of some luxury hotels, Italian and Swiss, and here are their answers.

Belmond Cipriani Hotel Venice

To the iconic Hotel Cipriani in Veniceacquired in 1976 from the pioneering brand in the luxury travel industry Belmondconfirm that the dish most requested by customers via room service is the club sandwich. A podium, theirs, shared with the Cipriani Burger and the Carpaccio with cipriani sauce. Concerning this last dish, it is said that in 1950 the famous Venetian restaurateur Giuseppe Cipriani he was to please a sick countess, for whom the doctor had prescribed a strict diet which included the prohibition of eating cooked meat. “To please him – Cipriani wrote in his memoirs The corner of Harry’s Bar of the 1978I thought about slicing a beef tenderloin as thinly as possible. But the meat alone had little taste”. So here is the idea of ​​adding a sauce”I sprinkled it on the edges and, in honor of the painter who was talked about a lot that year in Venice because of the exhibition, and also because the color of the plate recalled some of his paintings, I called Carpaccio”. The famous sauce on semi-transparent slices of meat, aspicy aioli with Worchestershire and mustard powder, diluted with chicken or beef broth, had a great success: wealthy tourists began to order the dish everywhere and thanks to them it spread all over the world. The name carpaccio today indicates the dishes characterized by the very fine and fresh cut, not only based on meat but also on fish, fruit or vegetables and in many cases including the traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena Dop. Butadorning the ranking of the most ordered foods, in Venice also the Cod with cream, the Spaghetti with 3 tomatoes, the Linguine with clams, the european bass, the Cut of beef and finally, the Tiramisu yes ice cream they have their fans.

Belmond Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina

To the south, things don’t seem to change. According food and beverage manager of the Grand Hotel Timeo in Taorminaanother jewel of the brand Belmonddiners’ favorite dishes when they have to order dining room these are mainly the club sandwichthe sicilian burgerthe Cesar salad and the salad Pleasant. And again, first pasta dishes, mainly Spaghetti Bolognese yes Maccheroni à la norma. As for the desserts, the tradition of the territory prevails: the Cannolo Sicilian immediately followed by seasonal fruits.

Hotel Signum on Salina Island

We stay in Sicilyin the small and very green Salina Island of the archipelago of wind. All ‘Hotel Signummanaged by the Caruso family (remember that Martina Caruso she was the youngest female chef to receive a Michelin star in Italy) club sandwichoffered in a surprising Wind version, Hamburger And Spaghetti with tomato sauce. All to be savored in the intimacy of rooms full of charmsome with a panoramic terrace like the three new suites with spectacular views of Stromboli And Panarea.

Four Seasons Hotel in Milan

The emblematic address of the Milanese fashion district welcomes a particularly demanding international clientele throughout the year. One of the most requested dishes in room service of the Four Seasons Hotel and the Risotto Carnaroli Gallo Gran Riserva with goat cheese robiola, peas, candied lemon from Sorrento and capers. The chef’s kitchen Fabrice Borraccino promotes small and large Italian production companies, revisiting the great classics of Bel Paese cuisine through careful and meticulous research of raw materials and a synergistic and direct relationship with suppliers. “This version of the Carnaroli Gallo Gran Riserva – they say of the hotel – always meets with great success for its freshness and originality and the pleasure of being able to enjoy it in your room as in our restaurant”.

Chapter Hotel in Rome

From Milan we move on to the capital, specifically in the old jewish quarter of romewhere is the Chapter, hotel with an eclectic style and inspired by contemporary design. Here, right now, there are two of the most ordered foods with the room service: the first is one of the cornerstones of popular Roman cuisine, that is, the timeless Cheese and pepper in the traditional version, the second is rather the thrust, typical Hawaiian dish very fashionable in Europe in recent years, with sea bass, mango and avocado.

Hotel Faloria in Moena

Let’s change the geographical context and see what is happening outside the big cities. In the history Hotel Faloria in MoenaAt the heart of Dolomitesthe music does not change and the club sandwich evergreen foliage room service. A folder shared with the Cut of beef served with a red wine sauce and seasonal vegetables.

The Chedi Andermatt in Switzerland

Let us now turn our gaze abroad. Located among the charming Swiss Alps, Chedi Andermatt it is a perfect combination of alpine elegance and oriental charm, an ideal retreat for snuggling up in front of the fireplace or inside the award-winning 2,400 m² Spa, overlooking the surrounding peaks. The ideal place to relax after a day spent outdoors in the mountains. It will be for this reason that after so many activities Outsidecustomers prefer to opt for a dinner in the privacy of their room: from the hotel, they tell us that the most requested dish on the restaurant menu is the Black Pepper Beef.

Kulm Hotel St. Moritz in Switzerland

Still Swiss we contacted the Hotel. The 5-star hotel, strategically located at the highest point of the village of St. Moritzoffers everything you need for a charming stay in Engadine. What is the guest’s favorite dish to eat in the room? Here the classics win again, with the mythical club sandwich at the top of the table, installed by Cheeseburger with fries. By popular demand, I have also pasta appetizers. “Many customers often ask us for the menu of the pizzeria, which is inside our hotel, to order a pizza in their room but at the moment it is a service not available”.

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