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Who is the cause of his illness ….. Remembering Cuore’s satire and his still valid recipes – Friulisera

Where have we arrived? While waiting for the right to give birth to its “better 2.0” government and for the trains to arrive on time again, for the progressive world, but more generally for Italian citizens, the prospects are not encouraging, but who is the because of his illness…. And then, between the serious and the facetious, leafing through the mythical covers of the satirical week “Cuore” (89 -94), we analyze the situation and try to lighten the mood. After all, there are already answers to Cuore, and especially the observation that the situation was as serious as today, even if not serious, and overall we survived. And if the next few months will be a geopolitical and political leap into the dark, on a practical level the cold will dominate, prices will continue to rise and will work to fall, the counters are spinning, fattening the wallets of speculators near and far . . That would be enough to make the already unbearable situation. We then add that election promises will be fulfilled only if they are functional in maintaining the privileges of the usual interests, while the simplifications of the complex problems typical of the right will return to oblivion with the usual dream book. Not all, however, so the not very useful bridge over the strait will be built and the citizenship income canceled, but above all the Constitution will be managed, while to solve the problem of social security expenses, at the time, suggested Cuore the final solution: “Helping the State kill a pensioner”. We who are more sober and bloodless would propose the recalculation on a contributory basis and on the ass of “acquired rights”. With regard to the citizenship income, on the other hand, it is worth making some reflections given that, with all due respect to the M5s, it will certainly be distorted and perhaps that instead of a simple calibration which was suitable, we will move on to the troglodyte club of zeroing in the wake of the epic cover of the satirical weekly Heart which announced: “Are you poor? Your bites” . But in reality what mattered to the Grillini was the theme, the identity flag to be used effectively as a functional support to curb their own collapse, but they knew well that the income would not have saved it. A resounding result for the pentastellati who rejoice to have “only” seen their votes halved and who have cynically exploited poverty and fear to secure a comfortable parliamentary survival, knowing that the only hope of sparing southerners an income disadvantaged (and not only) should not pronounce his wish in solitude, but to participate in the “big field”, give himself perhaps a few more months without dragging the country into a disastrous summer election campaign whose result was already written, when, with a law that heavily rewards “coalitions”, he been decided to disperse race thus opening the doors of Palazzo Chigi to the post-fascist right. A painful mockery exactly 100 years after the march on Rome. After all, again, it was not necessary to fill parliamentary seats with handfuls of black shirts, it was enough to caress the electorate with the suggestion of the strong woman in charge. Let’s be clear if the pentastellati have lit the fuse that could put it out, the PD, has not, perched in typical indignation of the boyfriend seduced and abandoned on the altar, forgetting that in politics he does not there are no virgins and if anyone thinks they are. , ends very badly. Thus Enrico Letta, who in “social” circles was affectionately called “MammoLetta”, after collecting a second “keep calm”, in this case from Calenda, saw the fate of his second breakout come true. But it would be decidedly ruthless to throw all the blame on the secretary of the Democratic Party, the construction of today’s defeat comes from a long way, from having chained a whole series of errors which deformed its nature. Mistakes can be made, but not doing deep and public self-criticism, hiding or trying to shove the problems generated under the rug, is a big mistake. Obviously, the omelette is done and in the months to come we will see good ones: it will be archived on April 25 (relegated to the folds of history like “the rape of the Sabines” or the “riots of 48”) at instead we will eat bread and gulfs and we will see the beginning of a “reform” of the Constitution on which, coincidentally, the duo Calenda-Renzi, has already made itself available to participate. Without forgetting the delocalization, already in progress, of valid signatures of Italian journalism ready to take the new wind with their editors. But the defeats are not only the children of the errors of the generals in the last battles, but of the strategic unpreparedness and the lack of vision. Take the electoral law, without repeating its painful history, in reality everyone knew that it would harm democracy since it violates its representation and participation. It is enough to look at the difference between the percentages and the seats expressed, to understand all the wickedness of a system created to stem the pentastellar drift and which ended up mortifying the left. The rosatellum added to the cut of parliamentarians, wanted by the M5s, but endorsed by almost everyone, is increasingly widening the gap between politics and citizens, violating territorial representation, thus collapsing even participation in the same vote. Well the shearing of the benches was avoidable, but above all the electoral law we had plenty of time to change it. In reality it was not wanted because it was convenient for short-sighted party secretaries (all of them) to choose parliamentarians and create a handful or legions of loyalists. For this reason, the League, despite the historical haste of transferring a large part of its electorate to the Meloni pigliatutto, allows Matteo Salvini to remain in his post and claim a “heavy” ministry. The chosen ones of the carroccio are all loyal to him and even if the League collapses they have guaranteed power and salaries for five years and maybe count on being a thorn alongside Giorgia, so if it goes wrong they can always to be gradually absorbed by the “single party” of the “fraternity” that after all, Cuore recalls, they were already talking about in the 1990s.

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