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Wine tourism and art, a winning combination. The “test” at the Scarpa cellar

Bhe must go beyond these sketches of a few features to understand how they question the most introverted aspects of human expressiveness: in these faces that we have just evoked, the classic and proportioned beauty of Greco-Roman statuary between in contamination with the fast and immediate contemporary world, which leaves room for the imperfections of the subject. Drawings and sketches by Swedish-Italian artist Luciana A mand will be exhibited from October 15 to November 12 in Barbera country, in the historic cellars of Shoe, former wine estate Nice Montferrat (At), where a beautiful synergy between wine, art and territory began last year to give life to a cultural journey in contemporary art also aimed at supporting young emerging artists. La Gentile Line is the fourth artistic rendezvous offered by the Nice cellar after the Calici and Tessuti, Convivium and, finally, Brotraum exhibitions. The inauguration is on Saturday October 15 at 6:30 p.m. with a tasting of Scarpa wines.

Alliance between culture and wine

“An alliance between culture and wine tourism – says Davide Champion, CEO of Scarpa – which becomes one more opportunity to visit our hills in autumn. Our guests will be welcomed by an original work dedicated to our cellar and created specifically by the artist for this occasion: the idea is to communicate the two worlds and let visitors fall into the atmosphere by surprising them”.

“A cultural journey undertaken by Scarpa which sees us in full harmony as an Administration – comments the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Nice Australia Quaglia – The wine and the territory become expressions of the art and culture of a place. This is a strong message for the many visitors who will arrive in these months attracted by gastronomy and wine and truffles”.

“Lucina Ame’s work is based on a deep knowledge of drawing, graphic design and art history – explains curator Matteo Chincarini – In the Scarpa Gallery, a multifunctional space dedicated to major events, art will be at breathed again. , this time with the veil of creativity and femininity, finding the right balance between painting and art dictated by this innate desire for beauty and passion that drives artists to always be involved, giving the world this much-needed pinch of imagination”.

Luciana Ame

Life and technique of the artist: who is Luciana Ame

In the works of Luciana Ame the the stretch becomes fluid, accompanies the gaze towards a set of signs that give life to deep and static gazes. The works are severe and clean, like an aseptic and inviolate interior that transmits order and precision to us despite the rapid and dynamic blossoming. The details, the ancient writings and the combination of animal figures make everything unique and metaphysical. The lightness and apparent simplicity of Luciana Ame’s work are striking, but her paintings hide a deep study of every detail, from the meaning to the message she wants to express. In the painted faces, we breathe classicism, the millennial tendency to seek beauty without falling into the usual geometric scheme. The artist’s hand runs freely over the canvas, like a sketch and a proof on a sheet of paper. The lines are sketchy, vibrant and imperfect but certainly nothing is left to chance. A baroque will to stop the fleeting moment, the precise moment of a thought and an expression. Each sign transmits movement and underlines a point of the face in a dynamic way, delivering to the eye an elegant and refined whole with a dynamic approach and a skilful use of the rational line. The works of Luciana Ame are a combination of painting and drawing where the rare touches of color are scratched and unconditionally enrich the whole. Luciana Ame works with mixed media on paper or canvas, usually in very large formats. He has a classical music education at the Krakow Conservatory in Poland and with his works he has exhibited all over the world in Milan, New York, Lucerne, New Delhi, Stockholm and Verona.

The exhibition will remain open to the public until November 12, 2022. The visit is included in the tasting. Book on the site www.scarpawine.com. More info: 0141721331 [email protected]

Scarpa, an old winery in Nizza Monferrato

Founded in 1854 in Nizza Monferrato, in the Asti region, by the Venetian Antonio Scarpa, the ancient Scarpa winery has always placed the production and vinification of the most noble grapes of the Monferrato and Langa regions at the center of its activity: especially the Barbera and Nebbiolo for Barolo and Barbaresco. Much attention is traditionally given to wines from native varieties such as freisa, ruché, brachetto, dolcetto.

A company that continues today on the path marked by Mario Pesce, oenologist from Nice who since the 1940s has contributed to making Scarpa what it is today, creator of one of the reference labels in the world of Barbera, La Bogliona.

Terroir and culture is the combination which guides the activity of the cellar, with the adoption of sustainable practices in the vineyards and the choice of long aging times in the cellar. In Scarpa’s historic cellars in Nizza Monferrato, you can find rare bottles and wines dating back to the 1962 harvest.

A unique experience that also includes three vermouths: historical recipes for Bianco and Rosso with the use of local herbs and the use of Moscato d’Asti Docg, and a new product absolutely new to the market: an extra-dry vermouth unfiltered.

Shoe in numbers

Vineyard: 30 hectares (the main body around the I Bricchi farm in the Nizza Monferrato region as well as the recent acquisitions of 2 hectares in Verduno, in the Monvigliero cru and 2 hectares in Neive, Canova cru).

References: Barbera d’Asti Docg Casa Scarpa; Barbera d’Asti Docg I Bricchi; Barbera d’Asti Superiore Docg La Bogliona Nebbiolo d’Alba Doc Bric Du Nota; Barbaresco Docg Tetineive; Barolo Docg Tettimorra; Acqui Doc’s Dolcetto; Monferrato Doc Freisa Monferrato Rosso Doc Rouchet; Selva Di Moirano Red Wine; Brachetto d’Acqui; Vermouth di Torino Rosso; White Vermouth; Extra-Dry Unfiltered Vermouth Moscato d’Asti Docg Talon 12.


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