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With cinema, old recipes and history, the Marettimo Film Fest is closed

his last stage was also successful

From the relationship between cinema and food, to discovering the traditions of the sacred island and the archaeological-monumental, landscape and historical heritage of the museums of Baglio Anselmi-Parco del Lilibeo, a system of beams and production structures that was used until the last century as cellars.

The Marettimo Italian Film Fest 2022 has thus closed the two days dedicated to an educational visit organized to discover this remarkable region of Sicily in an emotional way. A project for the enhancement of the territory that has received the appreciation of the assessor for cultural heritage and Sicilian identity and which is among the initiatives directly promoted (IDP).

An initiative that revolves around the metaproject of development designed and promoted by the architect Bernardo Agrò, new director of the Lilibeo park.

A synergy to promote traditions and history.

With this last stage, another phase has opened: a path of enhancement of the historical, monumental and archaeological heritage, combined with other themes such as the naturalism and enogastronomy of the Park of Lilibeo and the Egadi Islands, which make integral part of this. The organization of “Gastronomy and cinema” has been entrusted to Solemar, which has called on the operational support of My Land, which is increasingly pursuing a targeted promotion of the island of Marettimo, through the organization of guided tours by boat, trekking excursions, educational activities visits and many other initiatives to discover the beauty of an uncontaminated territory. “Also this year, the Marettimo Italian Film Fest – underlined Cettina Spataro president of Solemar eventi who designed the format of the festival – has been enriched with new experiences, linked to the true identity of the territory. Combining archeology, gastronomy and cinema was part of it, an exceptional trio that allowed many users to discover curiosities, aspects, social values ​​that contributed to building the social fabric of the places concerned. We continue to believe that cinema represents a unique opportunity to create meeting places and that it is a very valid tool for transmitting important messages, also on environmental issues. We will continue to do our best so that the Marettimo Italian Film Fest becomes an essential step in the calendar of major festivals in the Sicily region”.

When cinema marries food.

The initiative featured Ignazio Senatore, journalist and film critic, who selected for the occasion excerpts from films known to the general public and moviegoers, which feature starred chefs who cook appetizing dishes, images of Italian and foreign films that show romantic atmospheres created around laid tables, playful and non-playful convivial moments, characters obsessed with the fear of getting fat and perpetually on a diet, and greedy of all kinds. The tasty dishes cooked by Mrs. Maria Sercia, in particular the caponata in its original version, or with the capone fish, a poor species which is only caught during this period, served as a framework for viewing the clips. The cook Maria di Hiera, the oldest catering company on the island, prepared the dish according to the old recipe

“Cooked only with fish and not with vegetables, as the Sicilians have transformed it over time”, he stressed during the explanation.

An emotional experience at the scene of the Battle of the Egadi.

The presentation of the marine places of the Battle of the Egadi told inside the Baglio Anselmi Museums that tourists could admire with the Lilibeo Park of Marsala, the day after the tasting. Sites that tell and testify, in Sicily, of the ancient colony, through exceptional discoveries, such as the Punic ship and the ship of Marausa. Before leaving Marettimo, the group also tried their hand at trekking, to discover the island’s treasures, and saw the screening of the film Picciridda – Feet in the Sand, by Paolo Licata, among the films made in the archipelago of the Egadi which have the sea as their main element.

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