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With Señorìo, real Spanish cuisine arrives in Milan

Señorìo, which has just opened in Milan, is not only an ethnic restaurant, it is a place of food and wine culture. In via Bramante 13, Spanish cuisine is not offered, but is available according to the tastes and expectations of Italian customers. Here it is served Spain, from all points of view: food, wine, cutlery, glasses, paintings, furniture, lighting, personnel. The only exceptions are sommelier Jorge Luis Oggero from Argentina and manager Enrico Orlandelli from Milan.

Paella: the art of serving

Different regions

The restaurant, with about sixty seats, is spread over different spaces, from the American Spanish Bar with Tapas in the window to the space characterized by an imposing redwood table. From the restaurant itself to the outdoor space, integrated into a transparent structure. And then the jewel Vinoteca, an independent room overlooking the interior courtyard of the building. Here you can eat surrounded by 3650 bottles for 250 references imported directly from Spain.

The Vinoteca Room With Señorìo, real Spanish cuisine arrives in Milan

The Vinoteca room

The good life

Recipes to discover

At the helm of Señorío’s kitchen, the chef Alberto Rodriguez, who for more than 30 years has been running the kitchens of some of the most prestigious restaurants in Barcelona, ​​mainly Botafumeiro. The menu, based on the seasonality of the products and with special proposals available throughout the year, involves each region of the Spanish territory using only raw materials that arrive with the traceability label and with the denomination of origin. The menu offers the most famous and international dishes such as paella to the most unknown beyond the borders of the Iberian Peninsula such as stews, each with the particularities of the traditions of its surface.

Alberto Rodrìguez With Señorìo, real Spanish cuisine arrives in Milan

Alberto Rodriguez

Fish, molluscs and crustaceans arrive every day from the fish stalls of the Galician markets and other suitable places. They are served in three different styles. With the cantabrian seared seafood is placed on a platter with ice and served with different sauces like tartare and romesco. In mariscada seafood and mixed fish are cooked on the grill. The Cazuela de Marisco he wants the same products to be the main ingredients of a rich seafood soup.

Swordfish carpaccio with chlorophyll emulsion Real Spanish cuisine arrives in Milan with Señorìo

Swordfish carpaccio with chlorophyll emulsion

Specialties season by season

Señorìo therefore offers a varied cuisine, little known to Italian customers. Romescada de Peix, fish soup with romesco sauce or Lacón con Grelos, a typical Galician meat dish. For the winter we move to the Basque Country, with the Cod to GDP GDP, cooked at low temperature in olive oil, and Callos a la Madrileña, a stew prepared with different types of meat. For the spring season, from Andalusia, Las Migas, traditional from Cordoba, with stale bread and served with melon and grilled sardines. The inevitable Pescaito Frito, the Andalusian mixed fries made with chickpea flour. In summer it will be time for Ajo Blanco, a typical cold soup from Malaga, and Albóndigas de Choco, cuttlefish balls, traditional recipe from Huelva. The selection of cheeses and charcuterie is also very rich. Note the Jamón Ibérico Pata Negra gran Riserva Arturo Sànchez.

The room dedicated to the bullfighter Paco Ramos With Señorìo the real Spanish cuisine arrives in Milan

The room dedicated to bullfighter Paco Ramos

The art that furnishes

The restaurant, which extends over 300 square meters and was designed by the architect Andrés Córdoba, was also born to be a real place of cultural diffusion. At the entrance and distributed in the different spaces, a collection of 18 glass pieces designed by Ron Arad inspired by Spanish art and culture embellishes the rooms. In the dining room, on the other hand, we stand out special dedication to bullfighter Paco Ramos with the display of her Traje de Luces, the traditional dress. On the walls several works by the Catalan painter Antoni Tàpies and the Valencian Antoni Miró Bravo.

And after Milan…

Señorìo is a brand of the Spanish-American group Para Comer Algo, operating in the food and catering sector in different countries with a total of 23 establishments. In the coming years, openings are planned in Rome, Turin and Florence. The idea is to launch even more niche Señorìo, specializing in regional Iberian cuisine.

Señorio Milan
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