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World Mental Health Day to fight social stigma

For this year’s edition, the theme “Make mental health and well-being for all a global priority” has been chosen. In a world devastated by the effects of the pandemic, wars and the climate emergency, indeed, the well-being of the collective must be a priority. The daily commitment of Sisism.

World Mental Health Day to fight social stigma

World Mental Health Day is celebrated on October 10.

Created in 1992 by the World Federation for Mental Health and recognized by the World Health Organization, the world mental health day – which is celebrated on October 10 every year – promotes, through campaigns and initiatives, the raising awareness and advocating for mental health against social stigma.

And if the theme of2021 edition was “Mental health in an unequal world”, that of 2022 is “Make the mental health and well-being of all a global priority“. A development that is anything but trivial, considering that in a world shaken by the effects of the pandemic, conflicts (just think of what is happening in Ukraine, where the war does not stop) and the climate emergency, the well-being of all must be a priority.

The Italian Society of Mental Health Nursing live this day as an opportunity to raise awareness and share mental health issues with the population. Take care to clarify to share the theme chosen around the world this year. It is no coincidence that in the name of our company we have chosen to identify ourselves with the expression “mental health” and not with the word “psychiatry”. We don’t see them as synonymous and believe our job is to promote the campaign to make mental health a global priority..

It is recalled that social gaps, the lack of hope and planning for the future of the majority of the world’s population seriously compromise people’s mental health.

Job insecurity, uncertainty about life prospects, even in the absence of an imminent risk to people’s lives, are all dangerous signs of a deterioration of the social fabric and the world in which we live. And in this situation, the anxiety and anxiety disorders as good as the Depression they become insurmountable problems at any age.

A society based on image and appearance, on the appeal to emotions and the spasmodic search for one enemy and another on whom to blame the causes of our problems as individuals and as a community – explain it Sisism Board of Directors – lead people to no longer be able to see themselves as part of a solid and united world, but as victims of an increasingly complex system, difficult to understand and to govern. Thus simple and simplistic recipes take hold of the individual and the community. And so anachronistic ideas and conspiracy theories they make their way not only into the fragile mind of the individual but become grassroots movements.

And in that sense, the experience of mental health workers that distinguishes the seism may turn out to be really important. If we take the fractal metaphor, if we have developed techniques and strategies to fight against stigma, to face anxiety, depression, fears and existential discomforts, maybe we have a model to observe on the individual who can serve society. Observing how psychic distress can be treated and relieved in totalizing, depersonalizing and castrating structures, or approaching it in people’s homes, where it is born and can develop, providing them with support and an alternative, could perhaps give rise to reflections and debates on certain recipes that are proposed to solve the problems of societies and nations.


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