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WORLD PASTA DAY | Passive cooking in a pressure cooker: Giovanni Soldini’s recipe

Pasta with tomato sauce

On the occasion of World Pasta Day on October 25, eco-sustainability, technology and culinary art come together in the kitchen of Giovanni Soldini, famous sailor and holder of the extreme navigation record. In the current debate over passive pasta cooking, Lagostinaleading company in the production of kitchen utensils and pressure cookers in steel, and Giovanni Soldini take sides together for sustainability and the fight against consumption, presenting a video recipe with the sailor in chef version.

As part of the “Menu Consapevole” project, imagined by Lagostina, Soldini ventured into the kitchen to reveal all his tips for minimizing consumption in the kitchen, learned out of necessity during long navigations, but which he uses on a daily basis for ecological recipes and “cuts” the bills, such as the use of the pressure cooker and passive cooking.

“Our behavior is the first obstacle to regulating our impact on the environment. With daily gestures and small attentions we have the power to reduce enormous waste and make a difference. For example, I do everything with the pressure cooker: I started using it on the boat because it reduced water and energy consumption, also reduced cooking times and solved safety problems on board. Different solutions with a single move, so much so that now I can’t give it up even at home,” explains Giovanni Soldini.

A conscious choice supported by meaningful data. Indeed, a study by Lagostina on the preparation of pasta and the use of the pressure cooker shows an average water saving of 80%, with peaks of 88%, a reduction in cooking times with a consequent lower consumption of the energy used to light the stoves. For example, if a family cooked pasta 6 times a month, they would spend only 1.50 euros of gas per year in a pressure cooker against 28 euros for traditional cooking, a saving of 95%.

To understand its scope, just think that in Italy the annual per capita consumption of pasta is around 25 KG, according to the latest statistics from the IPO (International Pasta Organization), if you always used the pressure cooker for the prepare, you could save 12 billion liters of water. In detail, what emerges from the tests is that for 100 grams of pasta in the traditional pot, approximately one liter of water is used compared to only 0.2 liters in a pressure cooker. So even a limited use of this tool can generate big savings. For example, if a couple chose to cook pasta in a pressure cooker 4 times a month, each year they would save 69 liters of water, or, if a family of 4 did it once a week, their annual consumption would decrease by 140 liters.

Giovanni Soldini’s video recipe for the “Conscious Menu”, made in a pressure cooker and with a short passive cooking, shows all these advantages and will be available on the main social networks and on the website of the Piedmontese company, so anyone who wants to, will be able to replicate it and celebrate World Pasta Day in the name of sustainability.

“Conscious menu” is a Lagostina project that aims to promote, through numerous activities and the creation of recipes that can be reproduced by all, the possibility of reducing consumption and possible waste in the kitchen. Launched earlier this year with a video message from Antonino Cannavaccioolomany well-known faces and influencers have already joined the project, including Tessa Gelisio, TV presenter and author, writer, blogger and president of the Planet Onlus environmental association, and Sonia Peronaci, digital entrepreneur and historic founder of Giallozafferano, now muse and promoter of the site that bears her name and her editorial staff Sonia Factory.

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