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XXVIII edition of “Artigianato e Palazzo” in the Garden of Palazzo Corsini in Florence

The 28th edition of “Crafts and Palaces”this from September 16 to 18, 2022 will lead to the Corsini Garden in Florence (Via della Scala, 115 – Via Il Prato, 58) a new original selection from beyond 90 witnesses of the highest craft traditionwith particular emphasis on emerging generations and on young winners of the “Blogs & Crafts Europe” competitionselected between Italy and Europe.

Promoted byCorsini Garden Associationof which he is president Sabine Corsiniwith Neri Torrigiani creator and organizer of the exhibition, with the decisive contribution of CR Florence Foundation“Artigianato e Palazzo” also offers this year a an unprecedented journey among the protagonists of the craft culture of yesterday and today – from craftsmen to art creators – along a path that winds through the Limonaie of the Renaissance Garden and some rooms of Palazzo Corsini which, animated by exhibitions, installations, workshops, events, offers the opportunity to reflect on the role of the craftsman in contemporary society.

“In these twenty-eight years, our commitment has been and will be not only to introduce the best craftsmen to a wide audience, but above all to safeguard the independence of the shops, which are the very backbone of their existence. , the fruit of creative ingenuity and experimentation in the field “ – they declare Sabrina Corsini and Neri Torrigiani “Because talking about ‘Made Italy’ craftsmanship means above all refusing globalization and developing proximity”. “The contemporaneity of the craftsman is not judged only by the technological innovation that he brings with him, but also and above all by the fact that he is an example of ‘sustainable choice’ – they continue -” because facing to economic and social changes, the craftsman with his work with low environmental impact, he underlines what we can “get back to doing” to respect the Earth and pollute less: safeguarding tradition is today our challenge towards a future better”.

Three days, those offered by “Artigianato e Palazzo”, where you can discover the masterpieces of the beyond 90 master craftsmen; meet the young winners of the “Blogs & Crafts Europe” competition; understand the preciousness of vegetable-tanned leather by Principe exhibition dedicated to the Italian Consortium of genuine vegetable-tanned leather; to attend the meetings at the Giardinetto delle Rose including the presentation of the results of a survey carried out for the “Benevolence and Sustainability” project; to listen Annamaria Tossani and its new guests during meetings “Family Recipes” and taste the dishes concocted by the chef-teachers of the Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts in Florence on the kitchen set up by CASTA professional cooking equipment and served to the public on porcelain plates decorated by hand by Fornasetti, from the iconic “Theme and Variations” series; visit the new exhibition of Artex dedicated to the excellence of glass in Tuscany; live an immersive experience invideo installation of Toscana Promozione Turistica installed in the Palazzo Corsini Library to tell the link between tourism and craftsmanship; travel with imagination among the exhibitors of the Center Val de Loire Region; admire under the Loggia the facilities of the carpentry workshop of the Community of San Patrignano in the unprecedented staging organized by Cosimo Bonciani & Partners; learn in free workshops open air many craft techniques for young and old.

And all this along an exhibition route that winds through the Garden, the Limonaie and the Palazzo and also includes the private spaces on the ground floor. with exclusive hand-crafted pavilions in hand-decorated canvas by Guido Toschi Marazzani Visconti in his laboratory in Turin.

The “Show Prince” by title “CONCIAPELLI. Heirs of a major art”, housed in the ballroom of the Palazzo Corsini, is dedicated to the “Consortium of genuine Italian vegetable-tanned leathers” which, founded in 1994 by a small group of Tuscan tanners, now includes 20 active vegetable-tanned leather tanneries in the provinces of Florence and Pisa, the only district recognized in the world for this particular type of high quality treatment, which has its roots in the Tuscan tradition. The exhibition aims to tell how Tuscany has been able to create over the centuries the culture of a product that, from humble has become iconic, ennobled by the skilled hands of skilled workers, the Tuscan cowhide. The route of the exhibition includes images, words, tactile and olfactory sensations with the aim of giving the public the basic information and concepts to make known and recognize an artisanal and quality product among the many alternatives on the market today. today. There are the voices of the tanners, the Tuscan cowhides, the finished products in vegetable tanned leather by young designers from all over the world.

“Benevolence and sustainability” is the project that “Artigianato e Palazzo” asked Irene Ivoi – ecodesigner and industrial designer expert in waste policies and prevention – to create a guided invitation that guides them to act according to the principles of a circular economy. As part of this project, “Artigianato e Palazzo” has carried out a survey of craftsmen and designers of small refined productions to find out which topics set out in the “Kindness and Sustainability 2021” format are most felt, with the commitment to give back in the future adequate vertical responses. The research results – also obtained thanks to the active participation of partners Artex, ADI Toscana, Centrinno, ZeroW, ALIA, OmA, Michelangelo Foundation, Fondazione Cologni, MIDA and the Municipality of Florence and Lampoon – are presented on Friday September 16 at 4:00 p.m. at the Rose Garden.

Also this year, the competition “Blogs & Crafts, young artisans and the web” intended for craftsmen under 35, it goes beyond borders thanks to the collaboration with the World Crafts Council Europe. Guests of “Artigianato e Palazzo” in Florence, gathered in the exhibition space of the “Scuderie” of Palazzo Corsini, come from Europe: Christian Muscat (Malta); Hugh Byrne (Ireland); Louise McKeever (France); Moeki Yamada (Spain); Teona Gorgiashvili Teio Ceramics (Georgia). From Italy: Sofia Sarria_Atelier Volante (Venice); Giulia Bonura_Keramo” (Varese); Marianna Capuano “Macavè” (Salerno); Margherita Sala_”Margart” (Milan), Pietro Algranti_Algranti Lab (Milan); Bernardo Bartalesi_Bernardo Bespoke Shoes (Florence); Alessandra Orsi_Dalwin Designs (Milan) wallpaper and hand-painted household items with sophisticated/ironic designs
inspired by nature. Thanks to the collaboration with the Ferragamo Foundation, the winners of “Blogs & Crafts” 2022 will have the opportunity to visit the Salvatore Ferragamo Archives, repositories of the company’s tradition and of this know-how so dear to its founder. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce of Florence will organize a meeting on the theme “How to become a self-entrepreneur” by PromoFirenze.

The appointment of “Family Recipes” – edited by journalist Annamaria Tossani – titled this year “Crime is served” sees the protagonists, with some of their books, four of the most important Italian detective writers and more: Patrizia Debicke Van Der Noot, Lucio Nocentini, Marco Vichi and Enzo Fileno Carabba. Through their stories, they will tell us how the inspiration of a detective book is born and the secrets to create suspense, until the resolution of the case. But above all the recipes that characterize their characters in the kitchen, thus creating a diversion and a window on their daily lives. The recipes told in the books will be made live by the chefs of the Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts School in Florence – with the valuable contribution of its founders Cristina Blasi and Gabriella Mari – on the professional kitchen set up by CASTA Professional Cooking Equipment. And served to those present on the exclusive Fornasetti porcelain plates from the “Tema e Variazioni” series, finely decorated by hand. At each appointment, a book corner for the firmcopie by Brac.

For more information: www.artigianatoepalazzo.it

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