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“Yes to the Gioia Tauro regasification terminal”

LAMEZIA TERMS From more purely political questions, starting with the responsibilities in the fall of the Draghi government, to the recipes for getting out of the crisis, from the debate on the Gioia Tauro regasification plant to legality: these were the themes at the center of the episode of “The other policy” broadcast last night on “L’autre Corriere Tv” (channel 75). Solicited by the questions of Ugo Florioto face, even in a tight way, were Giuseppe Auddino (M5S), Francesco Pitaro (Pd) and Agostino Siviglia (Third Pole) among the candidates for the Calabria 2 single-member constituency of the Senatecollege comprising the provinces of Catanzaro, Vibo Valentia and Reggio Calabria.

Giuseppe Auddino

The fall of the government and the emergencies

The first subject of his discussion table was that of alliances. According Pitaro “We could have been together, but obviously the conditions were not created. I can only underscore the irresponsibility of those, including M5S, who suddenly unplugged the government and parachuted us into a government crisis in a dramatic historical period. I believe that this electoral challenge is a very important challenge, it is a question of stopping the advance of the sovereign, nationalist, populist right, which refers to Orban and Putin, who voted against the PNRR, which is an opportunity historical and historical for Calabria and for the South. The League – added the Pd candidate – is a political, populist and sovereign force that for years has been gathering consensus by spitting mud on the South, talking about Calabrian slackers and cutting off funds from Calabria and South. We must remember all these things. Why vote Pd? Because we have the opportunity at the time and the Democratic Party was among those who voted for the PNRR, there are 200 billion euros of which 40% are intended for the South and this can reduce the territorial gap between the North and South”. Seville in turn, he observes: “I have always firmly believed in the possibility of a liberal, popular, reformist, socialist, social-democratic, liberal-democratic pole. What are the great traditions of Italian politics. Unfortunately, however, there was a great disaffection for politics on the part of citizens and also one of the main reasons why I decided to participate. Quoting Gaber, freedom is participation. To the Calabrian voters – revealed the candidate of the Third Pole – I say that you can change if you wish. But we must participate, voting is not only a free choice, but it is a civic duty. I hope that many citizens will be able to vote to overturn a prediction that seems obvious, but which may not be thanks to the vote of Calabrian voters”. Audino instead, he stressed: “I have my doubts that the center-right candidate for the second college of the Senate, Minasi, of the Lega, wants to escape the confrontation. What was he doing in this college? We asked for and defended the Superbonus tooth and nail because 38,000 construction companies and many families were waiting for the credits to be released. We asked Draghi about these things and this is one of the reasons why we left this government, thus triggering this unexpected crisis. To Letta I say that I would have thought about it a lot before reopening the door to this Renzi who closed it miserably when he was in government. We defended the Superbonus, me on my small scale, stabilizing the Lsu-Lpu, raising them to 18,000 euros after 25 years of insecurity and getting the whole port of Gioia Tauro out of the crisis. The port of Gioia Tauro is one of the 10 largest ports in the world. Now – recalled the candidate M5S – my project will start on the rear port of Gioia Tauro which will redevelop the entire industrial area. I believe it is a way to provide answers to citizens, but to cope with the increase in bills, the Draghi government, until the new government, will have to continue to do a lot”.

Francesco Pitaro

The theme of the regasification terminal

Seville he defined as “serious to have overthrown the government of Mario Draghi, one of the most influential personalities not only at national and European level, but at international level, during a war in the heart of Europe. Our program is an extremely clear program which speaks of the price of gas with a cap, both at national and European level, of the distribution between gas and electricity which would already lead to a reduction in bills, of the immediate construction of the regasification of Piombino plant. , but also that of Gioia Tauro, which from this point of view also President Occhiuto, who is a person of great political experience, shares”. Of a different opinion Audino: “It is not surprising for me that Renzi speaks to Occhiuto or to the right, it is surprising that Renzi speaks to the right for the regasification plant and not for health, that is to say that he I’m not talking about how to save people but how to build a plant that Seveso legislation considers as high-risk accidents I’ve been dealing with these issues for 20 years The regasification terminal is dangerous, given the already heavy traffic at the port of Gioia Tauro and the fact that Occhiuto also wants to double the incinerator A plant like this costs a few milairdi and 3-4 years, I agree with Minister Cingolani who says that with offshore ships the problem is resolved as they go into service within 5 months, with less risk than what Occhiuto wants to coast”. According Pitaro “There is a dramatic and huge crisis, businesses and families are really struggling, many workers are at risk of being at home and solutions must be found. The regasifier can be a buffer solution, but the Democratic Party has the protection of the environment as a priority: in our opinion, we must bet on renewable energies, which are the first solution. We must open a discussion table to find a synthesis: it is not a challenge for one person but a collective challenge, we need a quick solution that protects the environment, families and businesses”.

Augustine Seville

The question of legality

Finally, the question of legality. He made his debut Seville“I’m not talking about legality but about justice, because legality is a very empty word, I prefer honesty. Leaving the panache to the M5S which appoints people in mirror like De Raho or Scarpinato is nevertheless mortifying for politics, it is mortifying that in order to be able to speak of justice or honesty one needs investigating magistrates, there is this vision of two Leviathans clashing, on one side a hegemonizing power, the ‘Ndrangheta in Calabria, on the other hegemonizing repression, as if there was nothing else. I see a profound distortion of concepts, because legality cannot be associated with legalism, it results in a distorted justice. Justice must be neither guarantor nor justicialist, it must be just”. Audino he said instead: “I would like to hear magistrates and lawyers talk together, I see that in other parties, like Forza Italia and also the Democratic Party, a lot of lawyers talk but I never hear about the magistrates. It seems to me that the Constitution is already sufficiently guaranteed. I would prefer that politics but also civil society help Italians not to commit crimes. Remember that honesty is our watchword. Legality is a daily practice and a prerequisite, we must not talk about it but we must practice it and with our candidatures we demonstrate in fact that it must be practiced, not simply declaimed”. For Pitaro “Everything must be done so that legality is a cultural revolution, starting with asylum, but the institutions must intervene. The word honesty is not only a prerogative of M5S. The Pnrr must be protected from the risk of interference but that does not mean that it should not be used as the League wants, which then wants a differentiated autonomy which means widening territorial inequalities to the detriment of equalization for the regions to less fiscal capacity and reject the unjust principle of historical expenditure. In Calabria there are many problems, the rights to health and work are not guaranteed, there are Calabrian doctors who would like to return to work here and instead Occhiuto sends doctors from Cuba. This regional government does nothing”. ([email protected])

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