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Zenzero is born, an artistic agency of the best creators of Italian cuisine

From the joint venture of One Shot Agency and Giallozafferano.

Beginnings Ginger, the artistic agency of the best food designers of the Italian digital scene. The founding members are yellow saffron– the first food media brand in Italy, leader of the initiative, and the agency One Shot Agency.

yellow saffron – already with almost 50 million followers in Italy and abroad – it was the first publishing brand to actively collaborate with young designers and food talents, anticipating new market trends. A relationship that has been built over time, which is consolidating today, bringing five top creators to “co-create” this new project: Zenzero Talent Agency.

A significant shift in approach to the influencer marketing industry, says one note, where for the first time creators not only establish a business relationship with an agency, but actively participate as founding partners in its development.

The new agency, specializing in the food sector, is one of the co-founder Daniele Rossithe Tuscan chef with a modern and refined cuisine but linked to local traditions; Cookthe girl “with the red apron” passionate about cooking and eager to experiment; Diletta Seccorefined, sunny and spontaneous storyteller always attentive to the environment and a healthy diet; pink china successful chef and entrepreneur who combines tradition and innovation, e Louise Orizionumber one food blogger yellow saffron.

handfuls of ginger exclusively 20 exceptional talents: not only the co-founding creators of the same, but also some of the most important and original food talents, as well as emerging faces who are establishing themselves more and more quickly and displaying significant levels of commitment.

The new food agency presents itself as a point of contact between a extraordinary creator hub – it is important 20 million total subscribers, 200 million video views and over 10 million interactions per month – and brands, with the dual objective of working, on the one hand, on the growth of talents to enhance their distinctive positioning, and on the other hand to interpret the needs of companies to build communication channels with effective languages to reach new generations.

Zenzero will be a new reference in the food world, to which it is linked from the name, in close harmony with yellow saffron. Ingredient highly appreciated by those who want to experiment in the kitchen to give a sparkling and natural touch to their preparations, ginger is a spice Costs And originaljust like the soul of the Agency.

Ginger will be cast in the role of CEO of Alessandra Rigolioformer marketing director of Mondadori Media, a young manager with extensive experience in the media sector, and President Gabriele Colasanto, responsible for the food area of ​​Mondadori Media. Together with them Luigi d’Alterioacting like Commercial directora position he will join that of Hej Commercial Director, e Nicole Cavallowho in the role of Head of Talent Management will combine influencer marketing and creator management into bespoke projects for each talent.

“We are proud to give life to a unique and innovative reality like Zenzero, taking a new step in the strategy of continuous evolution that has always characterized Giallozafferano. In recent years, our brand has emphasized social media and creators as a central part of its strategy for success, especially on Instagram and TikTok. With Zenzero we are going to offer our partners a new medium, creators, to meet their needs with projects capable of generating real value. Our asset is the relationship we build with talent: we work hand in hand with them, we invest in their growth, by offering the market content that is always in tune with new trends and new languages,” he added. he declares. Alessandra Rigolio, CEO of Zenzero.

A complete offer and a unique recipe made up of many flavors in the field of communication, accompanied by the know-how of a partner such as One Shot Agencyan Italian agency that has been operating for years in the management and digital communication sector, whose team will be supervised by the account manager Danielle Tozzi.

“For our group, Zenzero consolidates our experience in talent management and is a new challenge that has the ambition and know-how to become the point of reference in influencer marketing strategies in the food sector and that sees as a central element the management and development of skills of creators whose talent is undisputed and whose capacity for impact on social networks is unique in the market”, comments Matteo Maffucci, co-founder of One Shot Agency. “Together with Zenzero, we have studied a formula capable of putting these projects capable of transforming the brand experience into an adaptive story, which arises from the encounter between the values ​​of the brand, those of the talent and their audience, at the service of social food brands”.

The Creators of Ginger

Between Creator already in the Zenzero roster, in addition to the five founders, many talents stand out: Chief Neroa very young cook from Campania who combines love of his land with spontaneity and improvisation; 2foodfitloversa social couple with a passion for fitness and good food; Eatingthird culinary tiktoker in the world; Rossella bread and chocolateknown for its delicious content; Valeria Ciccotti di Vale cooking and imaginationwith its recipes based on creativity and simplicity; Fernanda Michela Nicotra from The Warm Taste of the Southfrom Catania who loves traditional dishes and more; Monica Pannacci from Recipes from the Heartpromoter of simple, instinctive and zero waste cooking; Jessica Runcio from Gessica Recipeswhich alternates precious family tradition recipes with quick preparations within everyone’s reach; Sebastien Fitaraurefined chef with creative, light and tasty proposals at the same time; Grandma NelleItaly’s most social grandmother who captured TikTok and the hearts of foodlovers; vegetable heartswith its simple and quick plant-based cuisine; Aurora Cortopassi, Giovanni Castaldi and Manuel Saracenothe three well-known faces of yellow saffron. Talents capable of igniting the passion for cuisine of all generations of Italians, covering all tastes and all languages ​​on all platforms.

The to place di Zenzero will soon be inaugurated in Milanonext to that of yellow saffron: a creative hub in the heart of the city, with spaces entirely dedicated to the production of projects by culinary creators, with recording and installation studios and a set with equipped kitchens, but also an event venue.

Zenzero will have a dedicated team to support talent in the design and implementation of projects. The go to the market commercial will see on the ground Mediamond’s know-how, with its dedicated Brand on Solutions structurefor building branded content and influencer marketing initiatives.

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