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Zenzero Talent Agency is the new Italian reality of reference for food designers

Ginger Talent Agency is the new reality for me food creatorfruit of the work of yellow saffron, One Shot Agency and five of the most important Italian culinary creators. This is a different approach to traditional influencer marketing, where for the first time creators actively participate, as founding members, in the development of the agency itself, and are not just users.

One of the co-founders of Ginger Talent Agency appear Daniele RossiTuscan chef with a modern and refined cuisine, girl cookalias Aurora Cavallo (or was it the other way around?), the designer “with the red apron”, Diletta Seccorefined, sunny and spontaneous storyteller, pink chinchef and entrepreneur “sushi queen”, e Louise OrizioGiallozafferano’s number one food blogger.

We are proud to give life to a unique and innovative reality like Zenzero, taking a new step in the strategy of continuous evolution that has always characterized Giallozafferano. In recent years, our brand has emphasized social media and creators as a central part of its strategy for success, especially on Instagram and TikTok. With Zenzero we are going to offer our partners a new medium, creators, to meet their needs with projects capable of generating real value. Our asset is the relationship we build with talent: we work hand in hand with them, we invest in their growth, by offering the market content that is always in tune with new trends and new languages.

by Alessandra Rigolio, CEO of Zenzero

There are a total of 20 talents currently managed by Ginger Talent Agency, and they are not only co-founders of the same agency, but also distinguished colleagues and new emerging stars. Let’s talk about something like 20 million followers globally, 200 million videos views and more than 10 million interactions per month.

A few names?

  • Chief Neroa very young cook from Campania who combines love of his land with spontaneity and improvisation;
  • 2foodfitloversa social couple with a passion for fitness and good food;
  • Eatingthird culinary tiktoker in the world;
  • Rossella bread and chocolateknown for its delicious content;
  • Valeria Ciccotti the cuisine of Vale and the imagination, with its recipes based on creativity and simplicity;
  • Fernanda Michela Nicotra from The warm flavor of the south, from Catania who loves traditional dishes and more;
  • Monica Pannacci Recipes from the Heart, promoter of simple, instinctive and zero-waste cooking;
  • Jessica Runcio Gessica recipes, which alternate precious family tradition recipes with quick preparations within everyone’s reach;
  • Sebastien Fitaraurefined chef with creative, light and tasty proposals at the same time;
  • Grandma NelleItaly’s most social grandmother who captured TikTok and the hearts of foodlovers;
  • vegetable heartswith its simple and quick plant-based cuisine;
  • Aurora Cortopassi, Giovanni Castaldi and Manuel Saracenothe three familiar faces of Giallozafferano.

The ginger seat will soon be inaugurated in Milan, next to that of Giallozafferano, giving “concrete” life to a real meeting point in the heart of the Lombard city for the creation of thematic content foodand also a venue for themed events.

If you are just a cooking enthusiast or an (aspiring) content creator, Ginger Talent Agency is the new benchmark in the sector.

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